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This movie?…

I went and watched a late night screening of it with some friends last night. A whole theatre of people saying their favourite lines in unison and the room united in the scream of "OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD" :iconohmygodplz:

It was fucking sweet
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Hey guys, remember that movie blog I ran?

Well, sometimes I still have the energy to maintain it.
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Now I have to go back to being a normal person again. Oh, p.s., America was FUCKIN' SWEET.

Yes, I did
enjoy myself
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You won't hear from me until I get back from the UNITED STATES
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It was pretty sweet. Hella sweet, you could say.

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And I'm busting this joint

Gonna be hitting America so hard

Expect impact craters
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Okay, normally I hate those "my friend needs money, plz commission them" journals but :icondisgustiphage: apparently owes money on her tax return. This is kind of bad because we're supposed to be meeting up in a month and although I have my own money situation reasonably under control, I can't really pay for both of us to hit Denver for a week, so now would be a really awesome time to commission her for both our sakes.

Check out her art, she's crazy.

mewtwo by disgustiphage flowers by disgustiphage pardon me by disgustiphage pathways from terminus by disgustiphage good night sweet prince by disgustiphage NIDOKING by disgustiphage

Hit her up with a note and ask for some art. Her prices are pretty reasonable.
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Hi guys, sorry I've not been uploading much lately - I've been exceptionally busy with a number of things and have had very little time to work on any of my projects (or even slack off in Minecraft, come to that) for the past few weeks. This is due to a number of things.

:bulletgreen: I've been vigorously planning my trip to the United States in mid May (if anyone lives around L.A., Denver, Flagstaff, Phoenix or San Francisco, let me know - my itinerary is pretty full but I could see if we could meet up).

:bulletgreen: I've been taking on a ridiculous amount of shifts at work to cover the costs of the upcoming trip.

:bulletgreen: I have been ironing out and constantly resubmitting a very long, painful assessment for my Certification IV in Training And Assessment, which will qualify me to teach animation / illustration commercially. Thankfully, that's done and dusted and I got the cert in the mail yesterday!

Once these things (including my trip itself) are out of the way, things will go back to normal, and I'll be pumping out more Headbucket, Homestuck assets (though I'm trying to squeeze those in where I can) and finally finish my film project from way back in 2009. Not to mention start a comic project or two...
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I got a song on the new album, a desktop out, my calendar page started a gigantic meme and the name I came up with for the giant record, "Beat Mesa", was canonised by Andrew.

Yessiree, I have my finger in so many Homestuck pies :iconbroplz:
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"Welcome. And congratulations. I am delighted that you could make it. Getting here wasn't easy, I know. In fact, I suspect it was a little tougher than you realize.
"To begin with, for you to be here now trillions of drifting atoms had somehow to assemble in an intricate and curiously obliging manner to create you. It's an arrangement so specialized and particular that it has never been tried before and will only exist this once. For the next many years (we hope) these tiny particles will uncomplainingly engage in all the billions of deft, co-operative efforts necessary to keep you intact and let you experience the supremely agreeable but generally under appreciated state known as existence.
"Why atoms take this trouble is a bit of a puzzle. Being you is not a gratifying experience at the atomic level. For all their devoted attention, your atoms don't actually care about you - indeed, don't even know that you are there. They don't even know that they are there. They are mindless particles, after all, and not even themselves alive. (It is a slightly arresting notion that if you were to pick yourself apart with tweezers, one atom at a time, you would produce a mound of fine atomic dust, none of which had ever been alive but all of which had once been you.) Yet somehow for the period of your existence they will answer to a single rigid impulse: to keep you you."

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It's testing it good

It's testing all the patience in the neighbourhood

I just had to reinstall Windows on a new hard drive, so yeah, reinstalling everything right now. Long, painful process but it's nice to have a fresh start too.
Also go March fans, I hope this trend of fanart keeps up, lol!
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If you are planning to watch a movie, working your way through a TV series or reading a webcomic, and you know someone else who is doing this too, it is not necessarily wise or fair to do the following.

:bulletred: Assume they are fully caught up, ever, when they have not indicated in any way that they have.
:bulletred: Instant Message someone, or comment on their journals/posts/whatever, saying "hey, so what did you think when X happened! That was really something, huh? Especially when they did it Y way to Z character".
:bulletred: Post a status update or journal on your social networking site with specific plot points in the title or immediate description without a spoiler warning.

This has been a Public Slunk Announcement, thank you for listening. Snape kills Dumbledore etc.

Oh shit sorry I forgot the spoiler tags. SEE WHAT I MEAN GUYS
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There was an old tower mansion where a family reunion was in full swing, with a family that was about as fucked up as the Addams Family but not the actual Addams Family. I managed to get into a fight with an older lady that cultivated in me pollucking out her eyeballs with one of the hooks we put items on at Kmart. She, and her (already) blind daughter, started hunting me with their sense of sound throughout this crowded party and no one was taking any notice.

Then suddenly there was this big spacewar going on and this creepy pat thing with zits and glasses said to her dad, "it's time for me to become a man". And I turned to my housemate (we were apparently suddenly watching a movie??) and asked, "so is that thing a boy or a girl?" And he was like, "hmmmmmmmmm, not gonna tell you". He'd apparently seen it before (except it was more like he'd witnessed the dream or this reality because it wasn't really a movie??) and I realised that this character's physical sex was supposed to be this big mystery. Then it flew into outer space and turned into like, a naked female version of Dr. Gone from The Maxx and it was with this male version that had a really huge head for some reason, then the male one pulled out a knife and slit her stomach open and all these foetuses came floating out. About forty or fifty, probably. Then they all flew into the head-cavity of a giant woman and suddenly that restarted the universe for some reason.

And God was really angry about it and kept asking where he went wrong with humanity, and he spoke in flames, but for some reason he was talking like a teenager.

Then I woke up.
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Nothing to see here
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My computer just died.

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Thankfully I had the sense to get out of Oxley early because the suburb was cut off for days. I've been chilling with my brother and his other half, brought Arch along, and we basically had to entertain ourselves with his games and movies, as well as a lot of drawing and writing (because you know, we're such outdoor people) while occasionally catching up on the news, which went along the lines of "everywhere is flooded, it's the apocalypse, oh my god".

We managed to get back and inspect the place and thankfully, because our house is an old Queenslander on stilts and we live a bit uphill, the muck didn't reach our house but the entire suburb of Oxley smells akin to rotting cheese. There is garbage in the water, it's brown and you can't see into it, it's rumoured to contain sewerage thanks to the floods and yet people were still having a fun old swim and letting their kids wade knee-high through it in fishing nets, as though they had a chance of catching anything other than a severe infection.

Some suburbs have been irreversibly fucked, while others (like Oxley) were sort of half-affected and it could have been worse. Thankfully my brother's suburb was not in the affected area so we've been viewing the floods from the outside mostly. Nonetheless garbage and ruined possessions now line the sides of many roads and the government is having to organise an army of skip trucks to haul everything away.

My family was less fortunate, although not a lot of stuff was lost some suburbs have been militarised to prevent looting and my parents had to go four or five days without power. Many suburbs had their power cut and unless you were stocked up on food, you had to wait it out, basically.

The evacuation centres were frankly a joke. Dad suggested we get to one the day we left the house, and we trecked all the way to the next suburb's evacuation centre. It was a high school which was about as far from the rising floodwater as a small house. I imagine it would have been under the day after Nat picked us up, or at least up to one's knees.
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Welcome to Oxley.

I wake up this morning to the sound of choppers and trucks, and decide to get the morning paper, figuring that while people are clearly panicking over the news, it has largely missed Oxley. Otherwise the street out the front of my house would be underwater, and it isn't.

But as I am strolling along, I can't help but notice a vast mob of Oxley residents walking down one street; specifically, the street right beside my own. So I follow them, trudging down the road, and through a gap in the trees I see a horizon filled with water.

My relatives in Ipswich and Bellbowrie have lost power, and I have absolutely no idea how long Oxley will have power too. Not that it matters - I think it's about time to gtfo of Oxley. So, my dear chickens, this is not a wry, tongue-in-cheek comment on the mass hysteria of the situation, nor is it a 'just-in-case', 'better-safe-than-sorry' signpost to warn of a slightly possible but not-very-likely disaster.

I will actually be going on hiatus. No Buckethead, no MSPA, no nothing until further notice.

Stay cool, guys.

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Dunno if you've heard but Brisbane is kind of getting flooded at the moment.
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I'll be 23 this year what even the fuck
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